Holidaying: What I Wore (day 4)

Wearing: Finery dress, Kurt Geiger sandals, vintage bag and glasses, Gap hat

I only took one dress on holiday which in hindsight might have been a bit silly; it was certainly warm enough to wear them and I do love the 'instant outfit' element a dress brings. This one is by Finery, one of my favourite brands and somewhere I shop frequently; probably more so here, actually, than on the high street. The brand do have some concessions in John Lewis (although not my local one) but they are so good that it's a rare occasion I have to return something.

They also do really good deals - I bought a dress for an event back in May, and was given a £25 voucher as part of an offer they had on. When I bought this dress, I used that and I also had a discount code which made it cheap as chips. It's now in the sale, here - I love the cut and the fit , the heavyweight jersey and the fact that it has a bit of colour to it, without being overwhelming.

I feel sad looking at that amazing bag; it was a charity shop find before I went on holiday which sadly remained in Marbs because both straps snapped off. That's the trouble of buying vintage; at times you don't know how much use something has got left, or if it will withstand the rigours of day to day handling. It was down to one strap at this point and it didn't take long for that one to give up, too!

XO Amie

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