Holidaying: What I Wore (day 3)

Wearing: New Look vest, Topshop shorts, Kurt Geiger sandals, vintage sunglasses and straw bag, Gap hat

Making my holiday wardrobe work hard was important to me. So many times I've gone off on trips and then worn about half of my suitcase, dragging the other half across the world for no reason! This time, I was a little more conscientious with my packing and I also took perhaps less than I thought I would need, to make sure I wore what I took with me.

These Topshop shorts have already made an appearance in this post, and this New Look vest is another oldie from last summer, as luck would have it it's still bang on trend with the tassel trim, which is difficult to see against the shorts. On this day we went for a walk to Porto Banus to view the millionaires playground - super yachts, super cars, incredibly expensive shops and restaurants, gated pools and sectioned off VIP areas of the beach, mingled with tourists, residents going about daily chores, and chaps selling everything from fake Chanel bags to fake Yeezy trainers to basketball tops. A real mix. 

It was 32 degrees that day (I burnt my feet on the sand!) so comfort was key and these loose cotton garms kept me cool. I didn't wear any makeup for the extent of this holiday (it would have just slid straight off anyway) so it felt nice to give my skin a break and I didn't straighten my hair once either (just my fringe to combat the Bon Jovi fright wig) so I did feel a little out of place among all of the prestigious bars and beach clubs teeming with bronze goddesses in full faces of slap and bikinis the size of three tic tacs. However it was very freeing and actually very relaxing not to be thinking about the way I looked, or if my mascara had smudged or if I had lipstick on my teeth!

XO Amie
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