Holidaying: What I Wore (day 2)

Summer holiday outfit New Look playsuit

Wearing: New Look playsuit, Kurt Geiger sandals, vintage sunglasses, Gap hat

I'm ashamed to say that this playsuit still had the tags on it when I packed it in my holiday case. Bought last summer, I loved it but the weather was never hot enough here in the UK to warrant wearing it. I always feel a bit exposed in shorts; I usually reach for a midi skirt on hot days in England as shorts just feel a little, well, short. Hence, this lovely playsuit just didn't get the wear it deserved.

On holiday however it's a different story. Everyone is strolling around in shorts or less so you don't feel quite so naked! This was so comfortable to wear because it wasn't incredibly fitted, so it didn't feel constricting. I love the cut of the top part too, which is styled like dungarees. 

This was last year's version like I said but New Look have done an update for 2017 (in gingham, which I think I like even more!) I think New Look have really upped their game over the last couple of years, I never used to shop there really as I felt they were a little young for me, but actually they have some real gems in store. I haven't really bought many summer clothes this year, as I had several things that I thought I'd be able to wear again this season, and I have.

Case in point - these sandals from Kurt Geiger. Definitely my go-to shoe of the last couple of summers, they are definitely in need of reheeling now. These are the next pair on my list. A little expensive, but if they last as the KG ones have, well worth it.

My hat and glasses are both older than water, the hat I bought from Gap in 2011 (I remember distinctly because we had just moved to Bristol and I transferred from another store. This hat was £3 and the first thing I bought from the new store. Still going strong!) Straw hats are always all over the high street during the summer, and they do last - I wore this on the plane on the way to Marbs so it wouldn't get crushed in my case. This one's really cute for £6!

XO Amie
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