Charity Shop Find of the Week #36

Straw bag £3.99 Oxfam

It feels a bit strange to write about a charity shop find I no longer have, but that kind of illustrates the reason that I shop at charity shops - you can buy inexpensive items, which are still of a great quality, that fit a trend right there and then. And if they are a little old, and they do end up falling apart, well - at least you haven't spent a huge amount of money!

I'll be honest, though, it can be annoying. I loved this bag when I found it, and used it probably daily for about two weeks - I had been contemplating a £45 alternative on ASOS so this £4 number was a much better deal. However, a few days into my holiday the strap broke, and by the end, both handles had snapped off, so I ended up leaving it behind in Spain. I was gutted, because I loved the bag! This hasn't happened that often, though, thankfully. I bought a pair of shoes once, and the sole peeled off after one wear, and another time I bought a blouse and it wasn't until I got it home that I noticed the huge hole in the shoulder. But for the most part, chazza buys are always better!

Despite the broken straps, this bag was just amazing. Beautifully made, fully lined with glorious fabric, and essentially the perfect summer tote bag. I guess age isn't always kind to accessories and it couldn't withstand the rigours of daily use (cramming my giant purse and diary into it probably didn't help either) but even though I only used it for a few weeks, I loved it! The search continues for a (charity shop) replacement.

XO Amie
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