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Wardrobe new in for June

I've not done a new in post for a while, and it's because I've been trying to save my money a bit. I love watching haul videos on YouTube and seeing what everyone's buying, but at the same time, I like to shop in a more of a considered way, and as I still had to pay for my holiday, I didn't buy too much this month. I did pick up a couple of blouses which I thought would be really good for work. It's hard to know what to wear in an air conditioned office; it was actually boiling through the heatwave as the air con was broken, but now that the temperature has dipped back down again, thin layers are the best bet. I love this embroidered shirt, (now in the sale!) which is super cute with culottes, and I also picked up this gingham top  - now also in the sale - which is quite loose fitting on the arms so doesn't make you feel too hot, despite the sleeves. 

I also picked up a pair of sandals from Hudson. I  had a good clear out of my summer footwear and got rid of a lot of pairs what had either seen better days or that I just no longer wore, whilst also having a look at what I was lacking, and a lace up, block heeled sandal was on my list. These are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I've worn in years, despite the heel, the suede is like silk and the heel height makes them easy to walk in. Shop them here.

So, not very much wardrobe newness for June but a couple of things which I've already got a lot of wear from. I had a clearout before my holiday to see if there was anything I needed to buy for that, so I did remove a few pieces that I no longer wore to make room for these new things. I try to commit to a 'one in, one out' policy when it comes to my wardrobe, to stop my duplicating purchases and to make myself think more about what I buy, before I buy it, knowing that I'll have to take something out to replace it with. This is helpful as it stops crazy shopping sprees on things that I wear once and then get bored of, and it helps to prevent the clothes taking over, as they have done in the past! I've definitely not subscribed to the Marie Kondo tidying method, but there's something to be said for keeping a capsule wardrobe mindset, especially when shopping for the new season.

XO Amie
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