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Shoes, £7.99 Zara (similar here, here and here)

I think it's inevitable as you get older that you start to question whether certain styles are right for you. This has become particularly obvious to me of late, with the *shudder* revival of Y2K styles that I'm seeing on girls perhaps a generation below me. I guess because I wore that stuff in the noughties, anything vaguely Y2K vibes is vile to me. I hate mesh, glitter overlays, not mad keen on one shoulder tops, bootcut trousers, platform trainers, Matrix thanks. I look at that and think, ugh, it was rank the first time around! Although I loved it then. These days, not so much.

I was always a very flamboyant dresser and I remember thinking, looking at the plainer, more basic outfits an older friend wore, that I would never dress like that. My mantra was 'over accessorize' and I rarely left the house without the help of some sequin monstrosity, an oversized flower brooch (I was mad into SATC and Carrie was my icon, obvs) some sort of hideous shoe and an obligatory waist belt, not to mention the handbags, hat collection, bangles, to say, I did calm down (thankfully) and whilst I still like to wear things I don't see everywhere, my style has become a lot more diluted in many ways.

When I saw these bonkers shoes in the Zara sale I picked them up immediately even though they are the antithesis of everything any Capsule Wardrober worth their salt would choose. Totally impractical, completely of the moment, will be hard to wear, will probably never be worn, very random, basically ridiculous. And yet, I bought them, because I thought they were lovely (and they were in the sale) and sometimes, it's important to remember that fashion should be fun, it should make you feel good about yourself, and if you love something, buy it and enjoy wearing it, despite what the blogging industry or the fashion industry or your work or your friends opine. Dammit, I want to wear stupid glittery shoes that probably wouldn't even suit someone half my age. But wear them I will, because I can - and that's fashion.

XO Amie
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