Cruelty Free: Lush

I spoke in a recent post about the way that I am trying to consume beauty products in a more ethical manner. I have been actively seeking out products which are not tested on animals - and this is a minefield - but one place I am pretty certain I'm safe to shop at is Lush. It's such a divisive shop; so many people wouldn't even consider shopping there, whilst others are complete obsessives. I have to say that I only ever thought they sold bath bombs and rarely crossed the threshold into a store unless I had to; the overly friendly service can come across a little pushy and there's no denying the olfactory experience in even getting close to a store.

I really started to learn more about the brand when I attended a blog event at which they provided some demonstrations and talked through a few of the products. Far beyond brightly coloured bath bombs and punny named shower gels, they also stock a plethora of products that I was actually really keen to try - solid shampoos, which Adrian has sworn by for years, were something that I found in the shop early on and their soaps, which are bought by the chunk, are also excellent value and non-drying on the skin. Moreover, they have an amazing fragrance range; I was introduced to this by a lovely friend and have built up a small collection of my favourite scents since.

Add to this solid cleansers, fresh facial scrubs, serum bars, lip products and body lotions, and you pretty much have everything you could need for your bathroom cabinet in one place. I did a bit of research before I bought the items pictured, and overall, most of their products score very well. I wanted to purchase a lip scrub, and I was also in need of a new face powder (my Bourjois one has run out) and this Emotional Brilliance powder had rave reviews. I tried it in store before buying, and it was around £12, which is a little more expensive than the drugstore version but it's a loose powder, so it will last for ages. I've been using it daily since I've got it and it still looks brand new - they aren't mean with their portions in the pots and it was filled to capacity. Likewise the lipscrub - there were mixed reviews on the taste of this but to me it does taste exactly like popcorn! I love it and it leaves my mouth feeling super soft.

Do you shop at Lush? What products would you recommend?

XO Amie
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