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Charm bracelet c/o ChloBo

I rarely buy jewellery because I always seem to wear the same pieces - I have a few favourites that I wear every day and as such I don't often look for other styles. However, when I was contacted by ChloBo, I thought I'd take a look at their ranges because they offer simple, elegant styles which are gold or rose gold plated on sterling silver - everyday jewellery, but made beautifully and to last, that would fit in perfectly with my favourite everyday pieces.

The reason that I always wear the same pieces daily is because I find that often costume jewellery will irritate my skin and (invariably) turns my arms or hands green after a couple of wears, or at the very least, tarnishes quickly, and starts to look old before its time. ChloBo create jewellery using sterling silver and gold or rose gold plating, so the pieces really are made to last, as well as being friendly on the skin and maintaining their beauty for longer.

I chose this lovely noodle ball gold dotty peace sign bracelet and I love it - the mix of the 'noodle' bars and small balls give it a bit of texture and the style is a stretch bracelet which means it fits all sizes and is easy to put on and take off. I love the way it looks against my gold torque bracelet - the ChloBo bracelet looks a lot 'yellower' gold but I think this is because I've worn the torque daily for about 5 years so it is bound to have diminished in lustre over time. I think the peace sign charm is a lovely feature and adds a playful element to the bracelet.

I chose a gold bracelet as this is the colour metal I prefer, but they are also available in silver and rose gold, too, so no matter what your taste, there's something for you. There are also many different charm styles to choose from and you can see from my pictures how beautifully the bracelet was wrapped - they would make a perfect gift for a loved one or treat to yourself! They have a huge selection of bracelets, you can view the range here.

ChloBo bracelets are made to order and the handcrafted feel and quality materials used in their production ensures that this is a piece of jewellery that will become a classic. I have added this to my daily jewellery choices and love the way it looks stacked against my other slim bangle. ChloBo is the original stacking bracelet brand, so you can buy a few to wear all at once (they offer packs of bracelets to achieve this look) or simply wear one for a daintier feel. Whichever way you choose to wear it, it's a piece of jewellery that will quickly earn it's place on your dressing table. 

XO Amie

This post is written in collaboration with ChloBo

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