Charity Shop Find of the Week #35

Western belt £2.99 PDSA

I mentioned in my charity shop tips post that a great place to find belts is in the chazzer. I was not disappointed the other day when I spotted this beauty in one of my local shops; leather and studded in the Western style that is so au fait at the moment. I liked it because I have 2 other black leather belts, one completely plain and skinny, one a suede waist belt, so this jeans belt is a style I don't have. Belts are a simple way to update any look - if you are partial to the 'frontal tuck' of a shirt or top, as I am, they are a great way to add extra details. 

Not having much luck in the charity shop? I also really like this belt and this one, although they aren't as much of a bargain unfortch - mind you, £6 isn't too bad!

XO Amie
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