Instagram Roundup: September 2016

Bristol Fashion Week dress rehearsal // Charity shop finds // Breakfast // Snakeskin // Bristol Fashion Week pavilion // Throwback to summer days // Whistles store // Clouds in Cotham // BFW military scene

The blog has been a little quiet this last week as I've been busy working on Bristol Fashion Week, which has been fantastic but has meant long days with limited time to fit any blogging in. I'll be posting a full round up of BFW next week, but for now I thought I'd round off September with some recent blog posts, as showcased on my Instagram account. You can follow me here.

I picked up some fabulous high street items in the chazza recently; you can read more about what I got in this post.  I've also chatted a little about the dreaded winter boot purchase; read that post here.
I also talk a little about how to make the most of the remains of summer with some late summer styling tips, which includes boots!

I paid a visit to the newly opened Whistles store near to where I work recently and it's definitely re-ignited my interest in the brand, I used to work for Whistles and I always keep an eye on the website and the new styles that they have coming in. The new store is slightly different to the usual high street stores in terms of its fit out and product and I was super impressed with it; the merchandising looked so fresh and I loved the plants and foliage everywhere which gave it a very contemporary look.

XO Amie
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