Capsule Wardrobe: Storage Tips

Vintage silk shirt (similar here)
One of the processes I've found to be key when maintaining a capsule wardrobe has been storing it. You wouldn't think that separating your wardrobe would make much of a difference, but in terms of keeping it streamlined and easy to work with, I've actually found that it makes it much easier to manage when you have just seasonally appropriate clothes at your disposal.

Living in the UK, I've realised as part of this project that we don't really have seasons. I had been splitting my capsule into 4 parts; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, but in reality, these seasons don't frequently pertain to the time of year you might be dedicating to that capsule. For example, it can still be very warm in September and October time, which is usually given to the Autumn capsule, and as for the Spring capsule, well, I'm definitely not in bare legs in March or April!

I usually pack away my real winter clothes as the weather starts to warm up, and to keep them I use underbed storage which you can buy cheaply. I use the see-through plastic boxes for ease, to see what I've got and also to allow some light to get in which deters moths. On this topic, I also use cedar blocks, lavender or moth balls to protect my nicest things which are usually wintry-cashmere and woollens that I wouldn't want to be munched!

Whichever capsule is not in storage, I keep on a clothing rail in my bedroom so that I can easily see what I have. I usually keep any hats, bags and scarves hanging on the end of the rail so I can easily outfit build, and similarly to the stored clothing I use hanging moth-proofers to prevent any pieces becoming a snack! I use these copper hangers which I've picked up from TK Maxx for strappy tops and shirts, and wooden hangers or padded ones for knitwear or items that could become misshapen. I used to try and hang my clothes in some sort of order, but it's a bit of a mish-mash really; I find this is more helpful for making me think about putting looks together and seeing what I've got. However, I do find it good to group items together occasionally to keep an eye on what I've been buying-If my black jean collection has become a little out of hand, I can see what I have clearly and this negates buying more!

How do you store your clothes?

XO Amie
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