Charity Shop Find of the Week #30

Whistles ankle boots £4.99 PDSA

I definitely didn't think that I would be buying ankle boots in July, but when I spotted this Whistles pair in my local PDSA charity shop I just couldn't leave them behind! A quick google search informs me that these are the 'Cordia' ankle boots and they retailed for £165. They have been lightly worn, and remain in beautifully broken-in condition. 

I do have a pair of black chelsea boots that I got a lot of wear from over the winter, and I am hoping that this slightly smarter pair will be just as useful. I also really want to try them with bare legs and shorts or skirts a la Alexa Chung, which I think would look really nice.

Charity shops are always a good place to pick up staple items, especially out of season when people are clearing out or not particularly looking for those classic pieces. I saw a lot of nice coats in the same chazza but as my coat collection is already rather ridiculous I thought it would be best to steer clear of those!

XO Amie
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