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Another week, another capsule wardrobe post! I am now over half way through the project, and for the most part, I have really enjoyed it. It's made me much more considerate of the purchases I've made, and, for the most part, it's stopped me going wild in the aisles whenever I see a sale is on! (although my previous post might suggest otherwise, but this has been the only sale splurge I've made since I started the capsule wardrobe project!) 

The best thing, I think, about having a capsule wardrobe has been making the most of what I have. I did used to get very caught up in having the newest things, or always having something fresh in my wardrobe, and I didn't think that I would find it that easy to stop buying when I didn't have any real reason to. However, it's made me work my clothes harder, and consider what I'll wear with each garment before I commit to purchasing it. 

I definitely haven't spent as much on the summer capsule as I did with previous ones, and I had thought that this would be the case, given that I didn't need to get too much this time and I also managed to find most of what I wanted in the charity shops! I have also stopped buying too far ahead; I used to buy a lot of items in the sale out of season, with the thought that I would keep them for the following year, and then by the time it came to wear them, I'd gone off them! This is something I've learnt to stop doing; and buy what I need rather than things that I think are bargains but have no real cause to keep in my wardrobe.

XO Amie
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