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Summer has finally arrived, and so I thought I'd post a throwback to another lovely sunny day back in 2013.  My hair is a little longer and those shoes are a little more worn, but essentially I would still wear this whole look. I love the whole laid back, vintage vibe and muted tones - so me - and the fact that this is really casual, easy dressing. I've never been one to get trussed up in stilettos and mini skirts; not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but there's something nice about feeling comfortable and being able to enjoy the weather, which is just wonderful in the UK right now (for a change!)

Linen is such a lovely fabric, it's one of my favourites for summer but is so hard to wear, because it creases so badly. I don't have much linen in my wardrobe at the moment which is a pity, as I do think it looks amazing (for about 5 minutes after you've put it on!) it's a very chic fabric, just not one to wear to anything that involves sitting/bending/moving too much!

XO Amie

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