Instagram Roundup: June 2016

Instagram round up for June

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June has been a funny month, I had some time off work which was lovely and this week back seemed to go by very slowly! I usually find that I have time to plan my Instagram round up posts a week or so before the end of the month, but as July begins tomorrow and I'd only just thought about it, I have had to put this post together rapidly! I think post-Brexit Britain has felt a little sluggish and uncertain. I don't really want to talk too much about politics on my blog-I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I do feel nervous for the future and concern around how Brexit will affect the country. I also can't even begin to discuss the vile racism I've seen online which sadly, seems to have spiked since last Thursday. Still, the 48% have to keep on keepin on, so it goes!

And with that, back to pictures of shoes and croissants (solidarity!) I have caught up on a bit of reading this month and finished a couple of books, the perfect time to re-sort my bookshelf and decide what to read next. The start of the month was fairly nice weather wise so I was able to sit out in the sunshine and read, sadly rain has now replaced the sun and it's actually feeling rather cool again (of course it is, I recently bought shorts, so).

I also picked up a new lipstick this month which I used before I could properly photograph (terrible beauty blogger style) and so I only managed an insta-snap. I really like it-it's a great everyday nude which isn't as brown as it looks in the picture, and it's matte but not drying.

I've also recently upgraded my phone so I am hoping that will make a difference to my picture quality. I'm not really fussed about phones as long as they work and aren't expensive (I've actually only 'upgraded' to a similar model as I already have, because it was a much cheaper contract) but it's always nice to get a fancy new handset. Any excuse for a new case! 

XO Amie
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