Charity Shop Find of the Week #29

Levi cut off denim shorts

Levi's shorts £8 Clic Sargeant

I mentioned in this post that I was looking for a new pair of denim shorts for summer. I think since I wrote that post, it hasn't really been summer weather at all, but they are a classic and something I will always want to wear, weather permitting!

I mentioned that I bought these jeans from Urban Outfitters and I was annoyed with myself for doing so as they were so expensive and even though I've worn them a lot, I didn't want to buy a pair of shorts from there as I just couldn't afford to. I've kept my eyes peeled in the chazzers for denim shorts but the only ones I've ever seen are the high street ones that are extremely short, and I don't want my bum hanging out of them so I've steered well clear of those!

However, patience paid off because I found this pair recently. The were £8, which is on the more expensive side for a chazza but given that these are Levi shorts I think that's acceptable. I've seen Levi jackets in some chazzas for £50, I think the assumption is that anything with a branded label should be highly priced but it's nice to see some charity shops don't think that way. 

I love the cut of this style. They are high on the waist but they aren't cut too short on the leg, which makes them much more wearable. The lady at the counter asked if I was getting prepped for Glastonbury-I've never been-and I said no but they are a part of that ultimate festival uniform. A little cold and muddy, though, this year, I'd say!

If you want to pick up a pair similar, these ones are a good dupe as are these. These are the real deal if you can bear to part with the cash!

XO Amie
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