Charity Shop Find of the Week #28

Shoes £4.99 Oxfam

I know that the thought of second hand shoes will not be one that many people would entertain, but it really doesn't bother me very much. A wipe over with a cloth and a new insole means a brand new pair of loafers to me, and for £4.99 you can't go too wrong!

All through my second hand shopping career I've never been fussed about wearing shoes that have been pre-loved. I actually find it harder to find well fitting shoes on the high street as I am a half size, so vintage shoes often fit me better. I have several lovely pairs that I have bought from the charity shop that have lasted years and I still enjoy wearing now.

Unfortch the down side of second hand shoes is that you can't always tell if they are in the best condition-not so much from over-wear, but from age. Day two of wearing these loafers and the right shoe peeled away from the sole when I was at work, which was so embarrassing. Luckily a trip to Timpsons sorted that out, I did have to pay £4 to have them glued back up though. Still, probably still cheaper than buying a brand new pair!

XO Amie
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