Summer Favourites

Summer faves: Warehouse off the shoulder top (similar here) Chloe perfume (here) Vintage sunglasses (similar here) ASOS sunglasses chain (similar here

 The sun is shining at long last and so I thought I'd share some of my summer favourites on the blog today. I actually bought this top in the charity shop last year and posted about it here; this was pre-trend buying on my behalf as it's off the shoulder and that's the big trend for summer 2016 so I feel quite smug that I managed to pre-empt that trend! Earlier in the year I also got a tattoo that I hated on my shoulder covered up with something that I love so I am really pleased to be able to wear strap tops and off the shoulder tops for the first time in about 10 years without feeling conscious of a horrible tattoo.

It's with a touch of sadness that I have put away my Lush perfume for the season. I have been absolutely loving Sikkim Girls, but it's a very heavy fragrance that is much better suited to the winter months. I probably would continue to wear it but I've run out and I feel I ought to use up my summer fragrances before buying more!

I had a big clear out of my sunglasses at the end of last year, and gave a lot of my old Primark pairs to the charity shop. I just found I kept wearing the same styles over and over again-these vintage ones are a favourite and I love the frame. I bought a ridiculously grannyish sunglasses chain from ASOS last year to try and stop myself losing pairs and it's much easier just having them hanging round my neck than putting them down somewhere, or in a pocket and then sitting on them!

What are your summer essentials?

XO Amie
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