Spring Look #004: Cropped Flares

Wearing: Urban Outfitters jacket (similar here) Vintage top (similar here) Topshop jeans (similar here) Vintage shoes (similar here) Vintage belt (similar here) Vintage backpack (similar here) Vintage sunglasses (similar here)

Cropped flares are a bit of a fashion mystery. I distinctly remember buying a copy of an ABBA tribute CD back in the 90's and thinking Billie Piper's satin flares were just an inch or two on the short side, and that they weren't very flattering! It was in actual fact an ABBA tribute for the 1999 Brit awards and, well, just check out this gem if you can't remember it!

Fast forward 17 (what!) years and cropped flares are back in style again. I still think they can be a little unflattering, but I picked this pair up in Topshop last year for about a tenner I think and fished them out of my storage box to have as part of my spring capsule wardrobe, on account of the cropped leg and lighterweight denim. I really like them but I have noticed that this time they seem to lose their shape quite quickly; they are really nice and fitted when I first put them on but after a couple of hours they start to sag, especially around the knees, which is really annoying but I think that's quite indicative of cheap denim; my Levi's pair are non-stretch and I can wear them for days before they start to look shapeless.

My favourite loafers have been getting a lot of wear with the weather really looking up, but I can't wait to wear sandals more frequently. I haven't bought any new ones as yet, and I'm hoping I won't need to as I have a couple of pairs left over from last year that I barely wore. In the meantime, loafers and block heeled shoes have been my go-to's.

At last the thick coats have been consigned to the wardrobe and a leather jacket is the perfect thing to replace them with. This faux leather one is from Urban Outfitters (I bought it in the sale) and the fit and quality is great. I like that a leather jacket can be tied around your waist, too, if needs be so that you don't have to carry it if it gets hot, which is always really annoying!

XO Amie
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