Instagram Roundup: May 2016

instagram round up post May 2016

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I usually begin my Instagram roundups by stating how fast the previous month has gone by, but May's seemed like a long month! I went up to London for a couple of days at the start of the month, to watch Adrians band at the Camden Roundhouse which was amazing, and then I attended a focus group at ASOS HQ the following day, which was amazing. I think it must have been the hottest weekend of the year so far and on Sunday I took myself off to the British Library and had to wander around inside to cool off from the 27 degree heat. I should have made the most of it, however, as it hasn't been nearly as nice since!

I've got back into reading this month and picked up a couple of reads to enjoy from Waterstones. I haven't got around to reading this nostalgic throwback Sweet Valley book yet but I am looking forward to doing so when I've finished my current reading list!

I've been sorting out my wardrobe after switching it over to the summer capsule, too. I had a big try on and have decluttered a lot more-there were some things in my summer clothing box that I hadn't worn for a couple of years so I have added them to my Depop account, you can find me there @amieisdancing. I was watching a video recently where a vlogger was talking about how she rarely bought 'summer' clothing as the UK rarely gets a decent summer, or at least, it's rarely hot enough to wear high summer clothing. Depressingly this is so true, so maybe I'll think twice before buying summery dresses and cami tops. I've not even got a holiday booked to look forward to, so there's not even a reason to buy summer clothes!

XO Amie
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