Winter Look #005: The Grey Jumpsuit

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Wearing: very old beret (similar here) Quay Australia sunglasses (similar here) vintage backpack (similar here) Whistles coat (similar here) Topshop Boutique jumpsuit (similar here) Finery roll neck (here) and boots (here)

Saturday was surprisingly lovely in terms of weather, and Adrian and I went for a mooch around the charity shops in the sunshine, which was really nice. I mentioned in my Instagram round up that I had been thinking more and more about 'slow fashion' as opposed to fast and wondering if it would be possible to predominantly begin buying vintage and second hand pieces to refresh my capsule wardrobe each season. 

A factor in this decision making was that the other day I saw someone wearing the same coat as me, which was bound to happen as I'd bought it from Topshop. I don't really mind too much, although it did remind me of one of the reasons that I love to buy vintage-no danger of seeing someone in your exact outfit. Moreover, I haven't been all that interested in much of the high street fashion offerings for this season. Perhaps this too is all part of the capsule wardrobe ideology; you begin to be really quite happy with what you have, and there's no real need to buy more.

A friend of mine recently cleared out her wardrobe and commented on how great she felt afterwards. We are all so guilty of hoarding things we never wear, and I have to say I do feel a lot better for clearing it out, as she did, too. It's not just an excuse to buy other things, either; it's a way of really addressing your own personal style and making the most of it. I have barely any dresses in my capsule wardrobe, no skirts at all, but several jumpsuits! It's just more me-I love jumpsuits and only really wear dresses for work. That being said, I'm on the hunt for a vintage leather mini skirt as I seem to have lost mine-and it's something I think I'd wear a lot! Definitely something to consider for the spring capsule.

Anyway, onto my outfit. This jumpsuit is from Topshop Boutique and I've worn it so much; it was expensive even though I bought it in the sale but the cut and fit is just perfect. It's made of wool too so even though the leg is cropped, it's not too cold in the winter! The arms are super nice too, kind of kimono style, but I ruined the look by chucking on my Finery poloneck underneath. (I was too cold not to!) and as for taking my coat off-no chance! It was sunny, but freezing, which to be honest, I'd always choose over rain.

The sunnies are from Quay and are a really quirky style although I think I prefer round frames on my pinhead, they seem to suit me better. My backpack is vintage, French made (of course) and bought from my favourite vintage trader and blogger, Vix. I'm actually off to her blog in a minute to read about her travels-she's just got back from India!

 I am also wearing the Whistles coat that has been my winter wardrobe fave and the Finery boots that are barely off my feet-apologies I know that's not very fashion blogger of me! I am already considering buying the same pair again in case these wear out; definitely breaking a capsule wardrobe rule, but it just can't be helped!

XO Amie
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