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A vintage theme comes into most aspects of my styling, whether that's fashion or homewares, and I thought today I'd post a couple of snaps from my front room at home. Adrian and I have built up a decent collection of furniture over the years we've lived together and our taste in home styling is quite similar. We both love furniture that is slightly retro but also useful, and I try and bring a more eclectic feel to the space with mismatched chairs and quirky furnishings.

A couple of bigger purchases have been the sofa and coffee table which we got a few years ago. The sofa is quite small but I love the 60's style and the angular coffee table compliments this well whilst also being a great source of storage, perfect when you live in a small flat! 

I picked up most of the soft furnishings in sales-the Urban Outfitters sale is great for rugs and I really love the splashes of colour they bring. The ikat print cushions were charity shopped and a few other bits and pieces were picked up in the Habitat closing down sale. The small folding side table is vintage and many of the other small homewares, such as coasters and throws, were also found in charity shops.

The only downside about buying secondhand is that occasionally you don't get the years of wear you might get when you buy new (although if you buy savvy, you often can.) I bought 2 of our kitchen chairs from a chazza for £6 and the other one from a junk shop for about a fiver; they've lasted a couple of years but are really on their last legs (!) now and need replacing, so that's what I've got my eye on at the minute, although I havent found many I like as of yet!

Colourwise, I love to be surrounded by warm, muted tones with the occasional splash of print. I love the mustards and browns in the seating areas, which continue into the dining areas and are married with slightly brighter shades in the rugs and cushions. In all it makes for a relaxed and calming space.

XO Amie
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