What's in my sports bag?

Sportswear c/o New Look 

It makes sense to talk sportswear in January, when a couple of indulgent Christmas weeks have left many of us feeling a bit sluggish. I didn't even think to look somewhere like New Look to update my sportswear wardrobe, but of course, their selection is as on trend as their fashion ranges are, and there's nothing like a new outfit to brighten up your day; and your workout!

It might be all in the mind, but funky fresh new sportswear suddenly imbues the feeling that you are unstoppable! You'll be able to get fit, muscular and toned, run for miles or swim for days. Or, at least until a couple of weeks into your fitness regime. Even so, there's something rather lovely about hitting the gym in the shiniest of gear; New Look's range is affordable, too, so even if your good intentions slip, you won't have wasted a huge amount of money on designer sports clothing.

I have found that the key to sticking with any sort of exercise regime is to find something you actually enjoy. There's no doubt that those boot-camp style classes really work, but if  getting hollered at by a sweaty instructor is not your idea of a good time, you might not last the course. I used to drag myself to the gym every week and even though I actually enjoyed the classes I took for the most part, and felt great at the end of them, I would often dread going. That was until I discovered yoga.

I know yoga isn't for everyone; and for a very long time I did wonder what affect (if any) contorting myself into poses would do for me. Surely it wasn't much of a workout? I used to feel that unless I was in physical pain, exercise wasn't 'working' and I wouldn't see any benefit. Once I realised, though, how much yoga can do for you, my mind was changed. I came to learn that it isn't simply about holding a pose; but being active through every muscle in the body whilst maintaining the pose; keeping brightness in the hands and feet, not collapsing into the bones but moving through a flow with strength and integrity. I couldn't perform a single push up before starting yoga; now I can hold tricky arm balances and actually enjoy the feeling of freedom that being able to achieve chaturanga pose brings.

Even if I'm working out at home, I try to make sure I wear good quality workout wear to aid my practise. Saggy old leggings and droopy tops just won't do; so I was really pleased to see that New Look had a whole range of sportswear made with yoga in mind.  I selected a couple of yoga crop tops, which are super soft and form fitting, to prevent catching when moving from pose to pose, and I also chose a couple of pieces from the active wear range, including these awesome 'run the world' leggings and aztec-print crop top. Now, I'm no runner, but when I achieve a pose or a stretch I have been working towards for a while, I do feel like I'm on top of the world, at least! The fabrics are all incredibly soft, moisture wicking and breathable, and can be chucked in the machine after your workout ready for your next session.

Whether you enjoy working out at the gym environment or within the confines of your own home, there are a few essentials that I always ensure to have to hand. I often just throw any things I need into a fabric tote bag, and these would include a towel (which you can use in the yoga class as well as for swimming/showering) and my trainers (for getting to and from the class!) I also like to take a deodorant and dry shampoo, in case I don't have time to wash my hair and just want to freshen it up. 

What are your workout essentials?

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with New Look
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