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I know everyone's going to be saying the same, but I can't believe it's almost February! See ya January, you're hardly anyone's favourite month-especially considering it's been at least 6 weeks since I was paid and the weather has been appalling, definitely not blog-picture appropriate at least! Also, a lot of great people have shuffled off the earth this month-Bowie being one of them, Alan Rickman and now Tezza Wogan. Sad times-this real old guard of entertainment in the arts, music, acting or presenting are a hard act to follow and will be greatly missed.

This aside, there have been a few good things about this month. I rediscovered Alexa Chung's fashion app, Villoid, and have become ob-sessed with it, to say the least. I'm @amieisdancing on there if you also have it-I'm always looking for new boarders to follow! For those who don't know it's kind of a fashion Pinterest; you create pinboards using the latest fashion and imagery. It's very inspiring!

I started off the year thinking about my capsule wardrobe purchases and as the month has gone on I've been thinking more and more about sustainable fashion. I've become really interested in this capsule wardrobe theory and the move on from 'fast fashion' and I'm hoping to continue with the capsule wardrobe project but also to think about how I can incorporate more vintage/secondhand/thrifted/more ethical pieces into my capsule looks. I have really missed charity shopping over my 'no shopping' months and so I'm thinking of ways that I can continue to build a capsule wardrobe whilst stepping away from the places I would usually shop, and looking to the chazzers instead!

One place I am still loving for fashion choices and inspiration is Finery. I have worn these boots pretty much non stop since I bought them; they've now been brought out in another colourway and I am very tempted to get them too!

I am also looking more closely at my beauty regime this month; I think in the depths of winter it's important to look after your skin even more so than usual. I have been especially enjoying using a facial oil; you can read more about that in this post about the Love Me Beauty subscription box.

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