Hermes Constance - a simple handbag

Hermes-alike bag (similar here or the real deal here)

I wouldn't normally go in for designer dupes, but there's something so classic about the styling of this Hermes 'Constance' satchel that meant I looked past the fact that it isn't (I don't think) completely authentic. I don't think that even if I won the lottery, I could bring myself to spend thousands of pounds on a handbag, but no judgement on those that do! I think I'd just be terrified of damaging it, and so probably wouldn't use it. I've got an authentic Dior saddlebag that I never use for this very reason, and I didn't even pay that much for it!

I went through a phase of really liking slouchy and unstructured bags, but these more refined satchel shapes feel very current. I have been using this as my everyday handbag and even though it isn't the most spacious (when going to work I have to carry excess items in a tote!) it's nice to be able to find everything I need to hand, without having to rummage in a bag of tardis-like proportions. It's made of leather and wears well, and I love the colour; tan works so well with so many of the shades I love, like navy, grey and cream.

This bag is also perfect for this time of year, when the weather is so gloomy and summer seems so far away, it adds a touch of luxe to any look, and I love that! I use it to make my favourite ripped girlfriend jeans more edgy, and it works so well over a long navy overcoat, or even to bring a bit of urban cool to a dressed up, night-out look.

XO Amie
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