Festive Florals with Debenhams

Festive bouquet c/o Debenhams Flowers

There's nothing quite so lovely as a vase of fresh flowers, and when they are festive-themed, so much the better at this time of year! The perfect complement to a Christmas tree or centrepiece for a table, a lushly coloured bouquet in the most festive hue is wonderful to add to your festive decor.

Debenhams kindly offered to send me a bunch of my choice from their festive range and I was immediately drawn to this lovely festive Rose & Tulips bouquet which is so pretty and would, I thought, look great on a table. The Christmassy red roses and tulips are wrapped with sprigs of festive berries and the green foliage adds a very festive touch. The bouquet is very dense, and arrives well packed; surrounded by brightly coloured paper and delivered in a sturdy box to avoid crushing the flowers. The flowers are quite tightly closed upon opening the bouquet, but after an evening in water with a touch of flower food they soon opened up nicely.

The flowers look so pretty in my favourite vase and they also smell amazing. I've featured flowers from Debenhams before and the scent is always very noticeable, they fragranced the whole room and the scent lasts a long time. To care for them and get the most from them, I trimmed the stems and then added the flower food to the water. I kept the water topped up every couple of days to make sure they had plenty to drink and keep them looking their best!

Debenhams have kindly offered a discount code to readers of my blog who would like to treat themselves or a loved one to a beautiful bunch of flowers this Christmas. Simply enter DFBLOG25 to enjoy 25% off a bouquet (excluding the flowers by post range). You can order for Christmas delivery right up until 23rd December at 9pm in time for Christmas Eve! Flowers make such a lovely gift as they aren't something that a lot of people tend to treat themselves to, especially at this time of year when most money is spent on gifts for others. Because the bouquets are carefully packaged and boxed to be delivered, you can be sure that they'll reach their destination looking super fresh and ready to grace any table. 

The Debenhams Christmas range is extensive, and features lots of various festive bunches in many different colour palettes, from the classics in red and green, to cream and silvers, purples and blacks, and even white and gold, so you're sure to find a bouquet to suit even the most specific interior!

XO Amie
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