Sun / rain

Wearing: Topshop jeans and top (similar here and here ) H&M jumper (similar here) Vintage shoes (similar here) LV bag (here)

I posted about this jumper yesterday and I thought today would be a good opportunity to post an image set of me wearing it; well, wearing it around my waist as today September felt more like June! I went for a walk and was only wearing a light jacket but even that was soon too much! The weather really can't make up its mind at the minute!

For those in-between days, a jumper around my waist is a failsafe option. I like to have a jumper in my bag or at least to hand because I'm always cold despite the sunny climes, and being cold is the worst, I think, so much harder to deal with than being hot! Still, whilst the sun shines I'll make the most of wearing sandals and bare arms. I actually wore tights and boots one day last week when it was torrential rain and really quite cold, and I thought that was summer all done, but I am glad to see the sun back again.

The top is a sale bargain from Topshop which is a little sheer for my liking but it's ok with a cami underneath. I love a collar and this one is so pretty and brings some femininity to a pair of battered black skinnes and equally battered sandals; they didn't always look like that, though, check out the beauty of these shoes in this post here before I wore them hard for an entire summer. I read a quote somewhere which went something like 'the quickest way to ruin clothes is to wear them' and I'd totally agree, despite taking good care of all my things, wear and tear is inevitable!

XO Amie
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