Revised denim

Girlfriend jeans by M&S Limited Collection 

I wear a lot of denim, and a denim fit I am particularly fond of is the girlfriend style. Slightly narrower than a boyfriend cut but with the same ease and simplistic styling, these are my go-to when I don't fancy wearing a skinny jeans but do want an easy everyday look.

I picked up this pair in the M&S sale, and I was drawn to the striped detail which sets these apart from other styles that I own. The denim isn't too pale, so I think they will still work well for autumn; I'll wear them with a mustard sweater or a burgundy tunic top and leopard print loafers for a delicious print mix. They have an almost Scandi-cool vibe to them that I am really subscribing too at the moment; they remind me of something you might find at Cheap Monday or Weekday but at a fraction of the price.

M&S isn't somewhere I would normally think to look for jeans, but I do like their Limited Collection as well as the Autograph range for more fashion forward pieces. The pricing is excellent too; at full price these jeans were £35 but I paid £16 in the sale. Primark prices really, but the quality is fantastic too. I highly recommend checking them out either instore or online; I find stock varies store to store and you can often find gems in the smaller branches.

Denim is such a wardrobe staple for so many; which cut and fit do you favour?

XO Amie
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