Review: Swig hip flasks

Harris Tweed flask c/o SWIG

I spent a lot of time looking for a hip flask suitable for a summer of festivals, starting with May's Primavera Sound and including The Secret Garden Party (review on this soon) and more through the hottest months of the year. I wasn't really sure where to begin the search, as it's not something I would tend to normally invest in, but I did keep my eyes peeled for anything that might be suitable, with no luck. Adrian found one approximately the size of a thimble in Spain and was later gifted one by his friend Leroy (who couldn't believe the diminutive stature of the one he'd bought!) but I couldn't find one I liked; the ones in Urban Outfitters were covered in slogans and seemed a bit young and any other metal ones I found on the high street seemed either very masculine or very tinny and lightweight.

When I was contacted by hip-flask company SWIG I was really keen to take a look at their product and in so doing, discovered a bit more about the ethos behind their brand. A tiny company based in London, their aim is to make the best hip flasks possible in terms of both practicality and aesthetic, and ultimately they have achieved this aim by launching themselves as the only hip flask brand in the UK.

A quick look at the website immediately cemented the fact that this was a brand who were driven by passion for, and belief in, their product. The base flask itself is a seamless, polished stainless steel cased unit which has a flat base for standing, and as the receptacle is made from a single piece of steel there is no chance of any leaks. You can buy the flask on its own, as a 'naked' unit, or you can choose to include one of the range of pouches that fit neatly over its body. I was particularly impressed with the range of Harris tweed pouches; handmade on the Isle of Skye using traditional methods and exclusively sourced directly from the weavers and mills in the outer Hebrides. I was sent the black Harris tweed flask, and it is a thing of beauty as well as of practicality. 

The flask size is 170ml which is ideal for everyday use, and indeed, SWIG owners are an active bunch with flasks accompanying mountaineering, surfing, skiing and sports matches as well as for more formal occasions such as weddings and city events. It's a social media star in its own right, too, with images of flasks in use being shared over the brands Instagram account here. It makes for the perfect festival flask, and the pouch would also keep your hands warm but the flask cool, ideal for outdoor evenings.

Flasks like this also make fantastic gifts and any SWIG flask can be engraved with a message of your choosing for a nominal fee. Swiftly dispatched and packaged beautifully in a gift box worthy of its charm, it is a piece to treasure or a present that would be hard to give away! If you are looking for a hip flask or know someone who would love one; a father of the bride, perhaps, or a recent graduate, it would make sense to start your search with SWIG!

Check out the full range of flasks online here, and keep up to date with the SWIG team over social media; follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram.

XO Amie
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