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Wearing: Whistles tee ASOS jeans vintage Mulberry bag vintage Celine shoes Topshop hat

I feel a little wintery wearing black head to toe in August, but sometimes I do like to wear an all-black outfit and in any case, there is a bit of grey in there too; these ASOS girlfriend jeans were called 'washed black' on the website which I think is just advertiser speak for grey, as they have got greyer and greyer with each wash! I really like the style of these, though; the straighter leg makes a great alternative to skinnies and they are also a bit cooler than spray on skinnies especially when the sun does make an appearance!

I am accessorised today thanks to the charity shop, with the Mulberry handbag I bought last week (I posted about it here) and these Celine pumps that I found in a Devon chazza for £3. I haven't worn them all that much because they remind me of fancy dress Victorian shoes, but with the right outfit they can work; the key I think is to keep the rest of the look quite modern so you don't end up looking like you're dressed in a costume!

I bought this flippy hem tee from Whistles because I love natural materials and this is made from linen. Basically if it's silk, cotton, linen or of the like, I'm loving it! This is one of the other reasons I tend not to shop at places like Primark any longer, because a lot of the clothes there are made from polyesters and acetates which I don't like the feel of. I'm such a textural shopper, which I've talked about on the blog before, despite my love of online shopping I know immediately when I've opened a parcel if I am going to return something just by the feel of the fabric, even before I've tried it on!

I am also really liking denim at the minute, I have a few pairs of jeans and some dresses which I have been wearing a lot and although I am quite picky about the sort of denim I go for (it has to be heavy weight and fairly rigid, not thin jegging style denim) I find that they are such a useful component of my day to day looks, whether I am going for a smart or casual look, I can usually pull something suitable together with denim! It's so versatile and easy to wear.

What are your favourite fabrics?

XO Amie
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