Products I've used up #15

Empties: Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser // Botanics Ultra Calm cleanser // Biorganics Hair Therapy shampoo // Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream // The Green People Age Defy skin exfoliator // Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream // Charles Worthington Salon at Home conditioner // W7 The Honey Queen blusher

I thought it would be quite good to start off July with a roundup of the products that I have used throughout June. I went on holiday at the end of May/beginning of June and so I had a few travel sized products to finish off, I thought it would be worth reviewing them as they were all pretty good!

I took the Biorganics shampoo and Charles Worthington conditioner on holiday and they were really exceptional; the shampoo was very gentle whilst still making my hair feel super clean (important after a day at the beach/festival) and the conditioner went a way to sorting out my sun-bleached split ends! It was a volumising conditioner too and I didn't notice an immediate volumising effect but it was still a great product, making my hair feel super smoothed and nourished.

Speaking of smoothing, the Spray & Go body moisturiser by Vaseline has been part of my day to day kit for ages now, and I've used it up so I thought I'd take the opportunity to rave about it. I was sceptical about the idea of a spray moisturiser, but this one applies really lightly and you can blend it into the skin without it feeling greasy as the spray deposits just the right amount of product on the skin. This one is a cocoa butter formula which smells great, and it is super quick absorbing so you can put your clothes straight on without having to wait for it to dry!

I've got through a couple of hand creams this month, I always seem to have one or two on the go and this month I've been loving a repurchase of the Soap & Glory Hand Food and also a handbag sized Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream which has been lovely. I bought it as I'd run out of the Hand Food which was out of stock at my local Boots so I picked this one up instead and I'd definitely re-buy; it was a quick absorbing, lightweight cream which was ideal for daily use.

I don't often have cosmetics to talk about, but this W7 blusher (first seen here) has been a really lovely shade for everyday. I'm using my cream blush now that summer is here as it is a little lighter, but this one was great for spring and contains bronzer too for a healthy flush. I hit pan on this ages ago and have been using it since but have finally used it up, but for the price I would highly recommend it.

Finally, facial skincare. I've got quite into exfoliant products recently, especially since I got back from holiday, and this Age Defy exfoliator from The Green People contains 92% organic product. The exfoliator grains in it are very finely milled so it isn't abrasive on sensitive skins, and I've been using it twice a week or so as recommended. I've always raved about Boots Botanics range, and this Ultra Calm cleanser is something I'll definitely pick up again; with calming marshmallow it helps to remove makeup and I've been using it on a facial brush to work the product in before rinsing. A definite re-purchase!

XO Amie
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