Gifting on a budget

Flowers from a local florist, Jumper from a charity shop

 It's always lovely to give a gift to someone, and even better when you know it's something they'll really love. A friend of mine left work recently to start a new job and I wanted to get her a small gift, but of course it's that week or so before payday and funds are tight! With this in mind I was inspired to write a post, to share a few of my tips for gifting on a budget.

I won't mention actual prices in the post as I know my friend occasionally reads my blog and despite it being the thought that counts, it still feels like if I write down what I paid for everything, it's like I left the price on! My friend is fashionable and quirky and not only is she starting a new job, she's also moving house, so I wanted to get her a couple of things that would be pretty and practical!

I've talked before about supporting local businesses, and I found a lovely florist shop near to me who had an amazing selection of plants, flowers, succulents and cacti. I ended up choosing a pretty flowering potted plant which will last longer than a bunch of flowers and was less expensive than a floppy bunch of supermarket florals!

Some people wouldn't dream of buying a gift from a charity shop but I don't think you should rule them out; many have brand new items for sale and even if something is second hand, a quick spin round the washing machine is enough to freshen it up again. You can make your money go further here, too; an item a friend would love but you might not have been able to afford brand new suddenly becomes accessible. I was so pleased to find this amazing Whistles jumper for a fraction of the retail cost, it looked barely worn but I gave it a wash and de-bobbled it to make it look even better!

The plant was wrapped for me at the florist at no extra charge, and I picked up some gift wrap to make the jumper look a bit more special. I actually spent more on the card, labels and gift wrap than the presents cost, which just goes to show that you can be economical and thrifty without being tight! Great presents are all about the thought behind them, regardless of the cost, and if you can find something you know someone will really love, it shouldn't matter where you buy it from!

XO Amie
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