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Lush Karma // E45 hand cream // Soap & Glory The Fab Pore // Collection 2000 deluxe lipstick in Prohibition

The title of this post isn't just a riff on the name of one of the featured products, although that in itself is a riff on one of the biggest bands to come out of the UK, ever, but I actually wanted to post about some beauty treats that I'd picked up recently, and discuss my thoughts on them.

Starting off with a fragrance, this Karma perfume by Lush is one of my favourites. I never thought I'd go for a 'signature fragrance' but I think this has become it; a few people have commented when I've worn it that it reminds them of me and I like the way this scent has a longevity to it that no other premium, high street or celeb fragrance has been able to match. I bought the Karma shampoo bar from Lush years ago (and still do) and when my friend Steph started using a Lush fragrance and I realised there was a Karma variation, I was hooked. It used to come in a handy solid stick form although these have been phased out in favour of a lipbalm-style tin, which I'm not a huge fan of, so this time I've bought the spray. At £12 for 10ml it's not cheap, but it does last and a little goes a long way, as it is an oil based product.

Hand creams are something I am often reviewing as I get through them so quickly; a tendency for dry, chapped hands means I always have some form of lotion in my bag and I am currently loving this classic by E45. No frills, it is unscented and non greasy, perfect for using day to day and doesn't irritate my skin as some fragranced products can do.

A new product in my collection is the Soap & Glory 'The Fab Pore' moisturiser. In the market for a new day cream as I've almost finished up my Botanics one (empties post coming soon) I picked this up partially out of interest and partially as it was half price. It claims to shrink pores (its active ingredients are Detoxyboost, Superfruit Yuzu and Poreshrink-12H complexes which all sound made up) but I will definitely review this after I've given it a fair chance! I don't often try other day creams aside from my Botanics ones, but it is nice to change up your skin routine now and then, so I'll be interested to see how this fares.

Finally, a new lippy! Lipstick is such a treat to buy and despite my love for a red lip, at a recent event I attended there was a lot of love for a dark berry lip colour going on, which was slightly autumnal but also very now. This delicious redcurranty shade is by Collection, it cost all of £2.99 and lasted all day long. No need to spend a fortune on a Mac shade, this is one I'll use again and again, especially as I had a bit of a clearout of my makeup bag and turfed out a load of lippies that were past their best. I will wear this one all the way through until winter, I'm sure.

What's new in your beauty kit?

XO Amie
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