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Oliver Bonas luggage tag 99p from Oxfam

This was initially going to be a 'chazza find' post but I thought instead I would actually post about something I picked up in a charity shop that I actually needed. More often than not, my charity shop scores are things that are unessential; items that I see and pick up on the off chance (see: several hundred jumpers, more than a few shirts, copious vintage shoes, etc) and this is because I always find my best chazza finds when I'm not looking for anything specifically.

I think this is the crux of charity shopping; for me at least, if I go out with a specific item in mind I'm never ever going to find it, but if I just wander about with little or no focus on what I am looking for, I tend to find some great things. It happened that whilst I was mooching through my local Oxfam, I spotted this Oliver Bonas luggage tag, and snapped it up for the excellent price of 99p.

Now, I had a luggage tag which I used on my suitcase when I went to Primavera. Adrian and I took the train through France and Spain to get there, and unfortch our train home was delayed by a couple of hours in Spain, so we ended up missing the Eurostar train home from France. When we eventually arrived in France, we dashed to the other side of the city to try and get the next available train, and in the crush as we exited the carriage, my lovely Emma Bridgewater luggage tag either fell off or got caught and snapped off my bag. Gutted. 

I was hoping I might be able to find the same one elsewhere, but since I had no luck with that, I picked up this copper one from the chazza. I love the leather finish and the colour is really pretty, too. It retailed at £14.99 which I wouldn't have paid but at just under a quid I'll happily pick it up! I'm so pleased with it and it just goes to show that you can find items of use in the charity shops; they aren't limited to clothes. Sometimes the bric a brac sections might look a bit ropey but if you take the time to have good look through them, you're bound to find something worth buying!

XO Amie
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