The flare issue

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I've been fairly vocal about the fact that I don't 'do' flares. I feel they don't suit my short stature and having spent my formative years in extremely wide legged trousers, of the sort that soaked up, sponge like, any sort of rainwater from the pavement leaving tidemarks up the length of the leg, my dalliance with flares was only ever a short one. That said, apparently this year the 70's are back, and to get the bona-fide 70's look, you have to be rocking a flare.

Now, something I never thought I'd advocate would be a cropped flare. This sounds the absolute antithesis to everything I would ever wear; think ABBA wearing those cropped, horrible tight satin short flared jumpsuits (and that was just the boys) and you'll remember how totally unflattering they were; how to create hips and saddlebags where none exist, how to shorten even already short legs incredibly....basically, they were an absolute no no.

Until Toppers, of course, cut them out of super soft denim in just the right shade and gave them a suitably cool moniker: Dree, the narrow cropped flare. They found themselves in my wardrobe by way of a web order (£20 in the sale and now further reduced!) and whilst I did question the reason they have gone into the sale (they're vile?) I thought it would be fun to try them on, at least. And I really like them! They aren't a flare, really, more like a cropped, straight leg jean, but the fit is lovely and they are such soft and lovely denim. I'll be wearing them on the blog soon so hopefully you can see what I mean, but I think the tide might have turned on my dislike of flares. Or perhaps not, but these are definitely a viable option.

XO Amie
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