Charity shop find of the week #16

Shoes £8 Weston RSPCA

I've not been over to Weston on a chazza mission for ages but often I find the best things when I'm not actually looking, as is always the way. I'd gone over for the day to see my mum and dad several weeks ago and walking to their house I pass several chazzas so it's always a temptation to go in! 

I hadn't found anything for a while over there and wasn't looking for anything in particular when I spotted these shoes. They are really heavy, box leather shoes of the Dr Martens vibe and initially I didn't think they would be my size, but on closer inspection (and a quick try on) they proved to fit just nicely. They are also brand new, and unworn; the label inside says 'workwear' so perhaps they were part of a uniform; they would have been perfect for wearing when I was at school as my high school was very strict on the type of shoes you could wear, no trainers (god forbid!) and no shoes with any sort of stitching on them. As I was schooled at around the time that Kickers were all the rage, you can imagine that finding a suitable but still relevant pair was impossible! These would definitely have fit the bill though.

They were marked at £8 which I would argue is steep for a chazza and particularly for Weston where most items seem to be about a quid (or at least in some sort of offer!) however I really liked the style and the fit of these shoes so coughed up my spends. I would probably looking at a 100% rise in price if I was to buy an actual pair of DMs so I guess they are a bargain in that sense!

XO Amie
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