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Vintage bag, jumper and Tootal scarf from Kinky Melons Retro Boutique

Having a rare Saturday off work meant that I was able to do today what most folk do on a weekend: take full advantage of the plethora of 'things to do' in the city that I would miss out on during my days off in the week. This Saturday, I was up bright and early (despite a late night; Adrian and I went to watch the Elliott Smith film 'Heaven Adores You' which is a must see if you can catch it; amazing) and off to a local hall for the Bristol Vintage Market.

My main reason for attendance was to meet an online friend who is also an established Vintage trader, the gorgeous Vix from Vintage Vixen who trades Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique with her very dapper partner Jon. Now, I've known Vix almost as long as I've been blogging; hers was one of the first blogs I followed and I loved her thrifty ways and capabilities to turn the most everyday of items (curtains, shower curtains, towels, you name it) into incredible handmade garments that she wears with total panache. 

Style wise we are quite different; I wear a lot of grannyish beige and Vix is never seen in less than the brightest neons, incredible fabrics and gorgeous prints. We do have many other things in common, though; a love of vintage, being veggies and wearing our hair long are just a few of them! Vix and I have chatted online in many ways over the years and exchanged post too (just like the old days!) but I'd never had the chance to meet her in the flesh!

Until today! It was so, so lovely to meet her and I knew immediately she was exactly how I imagined she would be. She is incredibly beautiful; the passion for what she does as a vintage trader is so apparent and she has a wonderful aura about her. We chatted away for ages in between me rinsing the stock from her stall, and coming away with some amazing pieces (all beige and brown, of course!) including the nattiest little jumper, increds leather bag (which turns into a backpack, which is exactly what I was after) and this gent's Tootal scarf which I could not resist. It will look wicked with my trench coat!

Blogging's a funny old world; you can get very swept up in making sure your stats are as good as they can be, your follower count is all-important, and you post, post, post, great content, every day. I can often forget that this was a hobby, especially on the days that it begins to feel like a chore. And then I look at the friendship group that I have forged from this hobby, the people I've been lucky enough to meet because I have this piece of the internet, and I remember that all that stuff doesn't really matter. I know Vix and I will always be friends, and I would never have got the chance to meet her without my blog!

She and Jon are trading in London tomorrow (details here) so if you are in the area, go down and say hello! You won't miss them-they are by far the most glamorous couple on the scene. If you aren't in London, definitely check out her blog here and you can also keep up to date with where she will be trading next on the Kinky Melon Facebook Page here.

XO Amie
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