The accessory edit: warm vs cool

Cool: Primark sunglasses Nails inc polish in Alexa Navy vintage watch and chain Daniella Draper rings Lady Gaga Fame fragrance
Warm: Primark sunglasses Nails inc polishes in Uptown and Alexa Stars vintage chain Topshop bangle and midi rings Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance

Primark sunnies are the one thing that I pick up from the store most summers, despite not shopping there an awful lot these days. I used to find some amazing things there, and I don't know if maybe the stock just got cheaper but I felt that the quality of product suddenly took a noticeable nosedive so apart from undergarms, pj's and the odd accessory, I've not really felt the desire to buy from there over the last couple of years.

Sunglasses, though, are a different matter because I like to have a few pairs; to throw in my bag or take to the beach without worrying unduly about them falling off my face or getting scratched. When they are only £2 each, I'm not that bothered about them and provided they pass QC for the prevention of UV rays, that suits me!

I ended up buying two pairs in the same style on my last trip to Primark, a tortoiseshell pair and a black pair. The black ones are so cool, much too edgy for me really with their chromed lenses and matte black frames, and the tortoiseshell style with their gold edges are really much more vintage looking and fit my style better.

I wanted to talk about how I would style these differently, because one pair I feel would call for cool toned accessories and the other more warm. I'm much more a warm toned person; I prefer gold over silver usually but I have enough accessories to be able to style both pairs!

For the cooler pair, I'd choose a dark nail polish to compliment the frames. I don't think that summer necessarily negates using the brightest colours in your nail polish armory, in fact, I quite like a darker colour with a tan and this navy is no exception. It sits nicely with the rustic feel of the silver rings from Daniella Draper and the vintage watch and chain. The heady scent of Fame by Lady Gaga completes the collection.

For the warmer tones, on goes the gold in its masses. This amazing horsebit necklace was a chazza find which is always complimented on whenever I wear it; everyone thinks it's Gucci (maybe it is) but whatever, it's so cool. Midi rings and a charm bracelet add a boho edge without feeling too cluttered, and my favourite summer fragrance, Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, is the ultimate scent. For nail polishes, a bit of glitter is the perfect way to amp up a peachy polish; these Alexa Chung starts from nails inc add texture to a basic mani.

Which summer camp do you belong to? Warm or cool tones? (or both!)

XO Amie
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