Double denim take #2

Wearing: Gap denim jacket and shirt ASOS trousers and bag vintage shoes and belt

The beret is back on as it's gone cold again and despite longing to wear sandals, these little vintage heels will have to suffice. They were one of the first vintage pairs of shoes I bought and they were only about £3, I love them as they are so comfortable but also quite quirky (read: weird) but I think that makes them even cooler!

Double denim is such a variable trend, it can look really edgy or it can look a bit Britney'n'Justin (you know what I mean) but I have found the key, for me at least, is to wear either a dark jean with a lighter jacket or shirt (as I did here) OR, to wear two tonal shades but ground them with black so it's not too much of a Texas tux. I've gone for the latter here; I dug out my Gap collarless denim jacket and paired it with this Gap light was denim shirt as I liked how the colours looked together. I wore my black ASOS peg trousers because they create a great base for the double denim extravaganza and used the neutral colours of my accessories to temper the overall effect.

For my next double denim foray I think I'd like to try a lighter bottom half, either a blue or possibly even white jean with a darker top, so maybe a navy or black denim. I think that could work and also it's a little different to the typical 'double denim' variations. It's so funny, I never even used to like denim, and now I'm planning whole looks around the stuff! So many people find it integral to their wardrobes and I can see why; finding a great pair of jeans is such a pain but when you do have the perfect pair you never want to take them off! Jackets and shirts likewise; I love the versatility a denim shirt allows and I have a vintage Jaeger one that I wear a lot more frequently in the summer, almost as a lightweight chuck-on layer.

XO Amie
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