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I often speak of my tendancy to avoid Primark, not because I'm a snob, but because I really feel that I'm 'over' the whole 'fast fashion' revolution and quite clearly Primark makes no bones about the fact that this is what it's ethos is about. I have to admit that I do visit from time to time to replenish my vest stocks and also the socks and undercracker sections are often worth a gander but I rarely venture into the clothing or shoe sections when I visit the store.

The reason for this is fairly simple; I don't like wearing non-leather shoes for one, and I don't like the feel of a lot of the cheaper fabrics so beloved by these high-fashion, high turn over stores. It's not just Primark; I'm the same in H&M, Topshop, Zara, I have to like the look and feel of the fabric before I will invest. Likewise, I find myself looking with scrutiny at prints and patterns and, if they don't match up or look 'off' on the garment, I'm really not interested. Even the most luridly patterened 70's dress or shirt has a depth of print to it and you'll often find that the high street falls behind on such things. 

As with all posts of this ilk that I write I feel to prefix a Primark purchase with the things about Primark I don't like is a little ironic, however, you can find a gem or two on occasion and it was these woven leather sandals that I spotted and snapped up on a recent visit. I wouldn't normally go in for an ankle tie; I don't feel that they are flattering really as they tend to cut off the leg a bit but I liked how these looked with rolled up jeans and they are unlike any other style of sandal I own, which is just me making allowances for buying them but at least I'm not buying on repeat as I have been known to do! 

These sandals are also really comfortable and they are leather which is why I bought them; I don't like to wear faux leather shoes as I don't find them comfortable and hence why I usually avoid the Primark shoe section, I have seen similar styles to these in Toppers for £25 so at half the price they seemed like a good deal. Now I just hope the sun continues to shine so I can get some wear from them!

XO Amie
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