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I considered shooting this DIY for the blog but it was really far too simple to spend time explaining; I'd already DIYed a pair of jeans in the same manner a couple of years ago (see here) by simply hacking a foot or so from the leg and opening up a swathe of fabric at the knee on either side. I also went for a thigh rip on this pair and almost wish I hadn't now, as I feel it might be a bit much!

To wit: ripped denim. Perennially in style, and super easy to achieve; I used to spend a spectacular amount of time artfully distressing my jeans with a cheese grater but now I have to say my preferred method involves a set-to with a sharp pair of scissors. These jeans were always a bit (a lot) too long for me so to avoid the multiple ankle rolls, I measured them against a pair that fit nicely in the leg and chopped off the excess. Raw hems are so in, and I have just scored myself a pair for zero pence!

I am loving not wearing a coat, it's awfully liberating and add that to my sudden shift along the footwear scale from ankle boots to a peep toe, completely bypassing the ballerinas, and I'd almost say summer was here! I recently found these peep toe sandals in a pile of shoes to go to the cobblers; I think they were my grandmas but needed re-heeling and I've finally got around to getting them fixed. They are a really nice heel height for everyday and really comfortable, too. They are super grannyish I know, but the trashed jeans goes a way to make them a little more edgy; in my mind, anyway!

XO Amie
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