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I find it strange to look back on pictures of myself from even just a few years ago as my beauty regime has changed quite a lot, I'll probably dedicate a separate archive post to this but I always find it funny to see my 'natural' brow, i.e not filled in, as I've done for many a year! (but apparently not in 2011!) It is also odd seeing my hair so short and even though I actually quite like it in this picture, I remember how much of a fight I had to try and get it to do what I wanted it to, so I don't think I'd cut it back. I do like the colour, though; I'm considering re-visiting the ombre for the summer as the length of my hair is a veritable myriad of shades now, the ends aren't even that blonde any more so it might be time to reach for the bleach! Then possibly, after a couple of years of dip-dye maybe I'll go back to brunette for the winter, but I can't think about that yet because I don't want to think of Summer coming and going, the brief whiff of sunshine last weekend was quickly dissipated and I've had to drag out my heavy weight coats again as it's turned freezing once more!

I found these pictures in an archived file and I remember how I went through a real stage of wearing body chains, not overtly as such but I loved how they looked underneath things to really feminise a big, baggy old tee shirt. This tee shirt, well; it was a favourite, a Whistles linen blend one that I won in a competition (I couldn't ever afford to shop there!) and I wore it constantly for maybe three or four summers, at least until it was coming apart at the seams and there was no more hope for it. I rebought one this year, which I do like but it doesn't have quite the oversized proportions of this one, which I think is what made me like it so much, nor the slashed neck which so neatly showcased the chain underneath, sort of like a reversed necklace!

I should maybe feature a top like this in a 'Style Essentials' post because a white tee is the ultimate in a hardworking basic, but inexplicably difficult to find. If you know of anywhere to buy one, in the perfect softness of cotton with that slightly worn feel, please let me know in the comments!

XO Amie
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