Summertime, years ago

All photos by Adrian

Winter always makes me feel a certain nostalgia for summertime, as, I suppose, summer does for winter, and the layers I long to wear in the summer time are never what I want to wear when the weather is appropriate for them. Likewise, in the winter all I can find to like are sandals and summer dresses, I wish the season past so I can feel the sun on my skin again.

Moving away from the coastline was the biggest wrench for me about leaving Devon (aside leaving friends and family behind of course.) These pictures sum up what I think about when I think of home, and it is this day spent wandering rockpools and navigating the changing tides with the unmistakeably seaside tang in the air. You won't find doughnuts or candyfloss, ice cream vans or beachside casinos, even a lido; nothing here but the rocks and the tides, fishermen reeling in their catch and the seagulls circulating with the currents against the rocky cliff face. This is Devon to me, when everything is stripped back and there are places that tourists don't go, these are the places I call home.

XO Amie
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