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Signature Fragrances in Lola and Endure c/o Signature Fragrances

One of the most exciting things about the blogging world is that I seem to discover new products and businesses all the time either via brands that take the time out to contact me directly, or through other blogs and bloggers tweeting or posting about their latest discovery. This is a fantastic by product of blogging and it is lovely to find smaller, more boutique brands that can offer me something a little different from what's on the high street. 

A recent new find is the perfumery brand 'Signature Fragrances.' A perfume house with a difference, Signature Fragrances ethos harks back to the world of perfumeries past; a time when scents were beguiling, with an immediate impact and lasting longevity. Their selling point is that they provide predominantly perfume oils, moving away from the watered down eau de toilette towards a more pure perfume. These heady, intense scents leave a lingering fragrance and really do last all day.

Signature Fragrances stock a wide range of different scents on their website and they were kind enough to send me a couple to sample. I was sent 'Lola' and 'Endure'. The Endure scent is a rich, sultry fragrance which, while intense, isn't at all cloying, so there's no chance of feeling overpowered or heavy headed when wearing it; it can even be applied before sleep to allow the mind to relax. It contains notes of blackcurrant, parma violet, rose and jasmine, and is just lovely; it would be an easy evening fragrance and sits within the floral range of scents.

Lola is also a gorgeous scent but slightly fresher than Endure; it belongs within the sweet scent range and also contains notes of jasmine, patchouli and African orange flower. This is the type of scent that could be worn everyday; it's an easy wear that isn't too heady or sickly. It is a contemporary scent that is so unusual and unique; and it refuses to dissipate like many perfumes do, after a short time. 

Both these fragrances were beautiful in their own way. The silky oil disappears into the skin and really lets the fragrance release. Because the perfume is oil based, a small amount goes a long way; with no need to keep re-applying, which means that the fragrances last; both on our skin and in the bottle!

Prices start from £37, and you can shop online at Signature Fragrances London.

XO Amie
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