The old town

Wearing vintage dress and coat from Elegantly Waisted Photographs by Maria Dragan

Browsing through some more of the images from the photoshoot I took part in during the summer, these ones really appealed to me. I hadn't really thought too much about the composition of pictures before, I would just stand somewhere and snap a picture, but what really comes across in these ones is the beauty of the setting. Topsham isn't somewhere I'd visited before but like many towns in Devon, it has lots of winding streets with houses tucked into corners and alleyways leading from place to place. Maria captured this so well and the colours of the background, the flowers and the sense of place really comes across.

Just before we finished up the shoot we spotted two people walking dogs so we asked if we could use them in the pictures. The dogs were both young and just wanted to play. Maria asked me to be expressionless in the pictures but the dogs were too funny so I couldn't help but laugh. I like the honesty of this picture, I love dogs and I felt like such a wally trying to get the picture with them in this amazing vintage get up when they clearly wouldn't behave. It was a nice way to end the shoot and it was a lot of fun.

You can read more in depth about the shoot itself in my first post about it here.

XO Amie
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