Instagram Week #40

Hot cloth cleanser // Autumn // Knitwear // Fine jewellery // New foundation routine // Slippers // Throwback // Fave boots // Fashion Bloodhound shopping event

A decidedly Autumnal theme to my Instagram post this week! The weather has finally cooled off; unfortunately there's been loads of rain too which isn't what I like but either way, it seems that the long summer has finally ended! That in mind, I've had the opportunity to snap a lot of quite Autumn/Winter related things, starting with the greyest sky but also including the good things about the weather cooling off...nice knitwear and boots! Not to mention slippers, which are another good thing about Autumn!

With a change in season comes a change in the skincare regime that I have been using over summer and over the last few weeks I've become a little addicted to hot cloth cleansers. I had a Boots voucher for some money off a Botanics product and so when I spotted they did a hot cloth cleanser I couldn't pass it up. I want to wait until I've finished my current one before I start using this but I am super excited to do so! I also bought a few new makeup essentials; my concealer has just run out and my pressed powder compact smashed in my makeup bag so  I replaced those with these Seventeen ones, and they had a 3 for 2 offer on so I also picked up a new foundation as my Bourjois one is almost at it's end. It's a lighter, serum foundation which is great for summer but going into the winter I prefer a more matte, satiny finish than a more dewy, summertime one, and this one looks great! I will review it on the blog if it's any cop!

Coming up next week is the annual Fashion Bloodhound shopping event. I'm unable to attend this time unfortunately, but I will be posting a preview to the event and sharing all of the details about how to buy tickets etc very soon!

XO Amie
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