Back in Black

Wearing: Topshop Boutique jacket vintage backpack Topshop shoes ASOS trousers and scarf

I didn't actually realise how dark this outfit was until looking back at the pictures. I don't usually go for all black but there was a lot of mixed textures in this look which the pictures haven't really picked up. My mum kindly took these pictures for me on a 'point and shoot' camera as she didn't have her DSLR to hand; and you can really see the difference in terms of the amount of detail a better camera set up can make.

This is such a favourite look at the moment; the trousers are all I want to wear and the Topshop loafers are my new faves. I like to mix texture and there's a lot going on; leather, suede, crepe, wool and denim; but I think it works and gives depth to a one-colour look.

I'm still just about working a loafer-and-no-sock combo but I don't think there's much longevity in this look; it's not a style that works when it's raining and as it turns notably colder I will have to reach for the boots. Luckily I have some good ones!

XO Amie
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