Marks & Spencer Makeup Review

marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange contour brush blusher eyeshadow sable taupe rose
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange eyeshadow sable taupe
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange blusher
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange

Limited Collection Makeup range by Marks & Spencer

I have to admit, M&S is hardly the first place I'd think of when wanting to update my makeup collection. When I was browsing in my local store a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a few beauty pieces in the sale so I thought I'd take a look; ever a sucker for a bargain and also because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to try some of their range. 

I was quickly drawn to the Limited Edition range which was all as cheap as chips in the sale, and, whilst some of it is quite seasonal (don't know if I can wear an orange lip in the winter?!) for the price I thought it would be worth picking up. I love the illustrated packaging and the bright colours; the range was designed by Holly Sharpe, an illustrator and designer, and the overall look is really lovely, the style of the packaging working well with the different products.

The eyeshadows are great, I picked up these colours because they are the ones I wear the most often and I knew I would use them, they were just £1 each and totally worth it! I love the fact that they are quite matte colours and blend out really easily. The lipsticks I think were £2 each, again, I do like to wear a bright lip and although I usually favour red I thought it might be nice to try a hot pink or bright orange for a change. The angled contour brush was also a complete bargain, I think this was £3 or so but this was one brush I was missing from my kit so I was pleased to find this.

The most expensive item was the blusher at £4. I wasn't sure about the colour initially but it blends down to a much more subtle wash of colour than the pan suggests, it's so pretty though it seems a shame to use it! I think this will be really good for the winter months and the gold tone is warming and serves as a highlight also.

I would definitely recommend the M&S makeup range; even full price these products ranged from £5-£9 so they were still purse friendly; it might be worth checking your local branch to see if they have any bits and pieces left!

XO Amie
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