Heels Vs Flats with Westfield

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Shopping mecca Westfield got in touch recently to share their new AW14 fashion campaign, which features several themed videos around fashions 'talking points.' One of these points was the ongoing debate of 'heels vs. flats.'

I am such a flat shoe girl at heart and although I love to wear heels occasionally, a flat is where it's at for me most of the time. Searching through my outfit posts it became really evident that most of what I have worn over the last 5 years have included flat shoes, I love them all; loafers, brogues, chelsea boots, slipper shoes, and, of course, the humble ballerina flat.

I think flats would win the debate for me although I do appreciate the perks of a good high heel! Leg lengthening and making me taller are two things I always like!

You can see all of the other 'talking points' and watch all the videos (they're really good!) over on Westfield Pulse.

XO Amie
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