Bristol Fashion Week: What I wore

Wearing: H&M hat Mango blouse ASOS trousers Chanel ballerinas Vintage belt and backpack Gap blazer photo credit: Bristol Fashionista

It's typical that every AW fashion show I go to turns out to be boiling hot. I didn't even need to take this jacket with me; I didn't wear it and it was just a complete faff to carry around with me all afternoon! I actually wore it last year here, I didn't mean to wear it again but I'd just dug it out when re-arranging my wardrobe and realised how much I liked it all over again. When I do that I tend to get obsessed with the item in question and wear it constantly, which is what I am doing with this jacket at the moment!

I wasn't really sure what to wear to this event and so in the end I decided on my new favourite uniform, slouchy trews, the classic Chanel ballerinas and a blouse. I know navy and black aren't meant to go together but I like them together and so I wear them that way. I was reading my favourite French style book the day before and the whole idea of a French woman's style being rather thrown together with no regard for style 'rules' made me go for the clash even more! The trousers are my new best fashion purchase, I bought my usual size but they are massive for some reason (I always find ASOS comes up weird with sizing!) so I just belted them with my charity shop Versace. They are such a cool shape, I think I'll wear them a lot over the AW season!

I actually put a beret on instead of the bowler but I thought I looked a bit too literal; with slouchy left bank togs and Chanel ballerinas I felt the beret took this into caricature territory so the bowler was the choice. I had to wear some sort of a hat, naturally!

XO Amie
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